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Design & Development

Four Different Packages To Fit Your Needs!

We design and develop as per your requirements. From simple static websites, flash based animation to E-commerce sites, we are here to help. We offer a cheap and affordable web design service that is sure to meet all   your needs.

Bronze Design PackageWebBuilding

Inexpensive and affordable!

Our basic packages include so much more for less. One of our most popular   variations in the basic design package is the mid range.  This package is great for either a personal or small business website.

– Maximum # of   pages: 5 – Simple Contact Page – Basic Navigation – Drop down menu (html/flash): Applicable

Silver Design Package

Simple yet Complex!

How is the ‘Silver Design Package’ a step up from the ‘Bronze Design Package’?   For one thing, these packages have a much broader range of options to choose from. This package is great for small businesses.

– Maximum # of   pages: 10  – Simple Contact Page – Basic Navigation – Drop down menu (html/flash): Applicable – 1 Form – Social Media Option(s) available.

Gold Design Package

Stunning and Professional!

This is the most complete package, with many complex dynamic features. It has   the widest range of options available, including customized php forms, flash   banners, and navigation bars. Large businesses will find that this design   package best suited to their needs.

– Maximum # of   pages: 20  – Customized Contact Page Drop down menu (html/flash): Applicable – 1 Form – Social Media Option(s) available – Site Map – E-commerce applicable – Google Analytics & Updates – SEO & SEM options available.


Platinum Design Package


Customize your own package to suit your needs!

Price starting at: Ask for quote
– Maximum # of   pages: Applicable – Maximum # of graphics: Applicable – Basic Navigation: Applicable – Drop down menu   (html/flash): Applicable – Forms: Applicable – Site map: Applicable – Flash: Applicable – E-Commerce: Applicable             – Google & Alexa Analytics**



Web Development & Applications


Customize your own  suit your needs!

– Custom flash animated logos: Applicable – Other custom web design work   – Add message board/Blog – Drop down menu or side menu  (html/flash) – Forms – Site map – E-Commerce
Google & Alexa Analytics: Call for quote today.